The following list of websites is the compete collection of the sources for the media on my website, including all of the images. London Camera Exchange. 2017. London Camera Exchange. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 January 2017]. Digital camera, camera, SLR, lenses, camcorder & accessories – Jessops. 2017. Digital camera, camera, SLR, lenses, camcorder … More Reference

Additional features

My completed website was functional but maybe slightly boring, therefore I wanted to ensure that customers enjoyed shopping from my website but also visit my website not just to shop, by having additional features on my website I would stand out from competitors and enhance the customer’s experience. (Primark, 2016) I was inspired by Primark’s … More Additional features

Content, Compatibility and Responsiveness

As I found when writing for my theme blog internet access, according to research conducted by (Tech crunch, 2016), from mobile devices accounted for 51.2% of access[1] and whilst desktops still make up a large percentage at 48.7%[2] it is only likely that more people will use more mobile devices into the future. Therefore online … More Content, Compatibility and Responsiveness

Product Variations

Due to the nature of the products that I am selling it was difficult to included lots of attributes and variations for my customers to choose from, because each camera model doesn’t come with different colours or sizes. Instead I decided to allow customers to include the purchase of an accessory with the product such … More Product Variations

Privacy Policy and Terms/Conditions

(Inbreif, 2016) emphasises the importance of these documents to ensure that the business reduces liability and follows the law,[1] they also outline for the customer what they can expect from shopping with the company and what happens to the information that they provide. According to (Inbreif, 2016) legal advice, there are certain criteria that the … More Privacy Policy and Terms/Conditions

Social Media Icons

Social media is becoming an ever increasingly important part of websites and business’, therefore it was required for my website to have social media links. As (Helmrich, 2016) says social media is a free platform and source of marketing.[1] I looked at several other sites for inspiration to discover how to have this feature on … More Social Media Icons

Deciding on a theme

The website that I am using WordPress to create, is an e-commerce photography shop. As a result the themes I took into account had to support the woocommerce plugin, large amounts of text and images. The main factor I took into account when deciding on which theme to choose, was the simplicity of use the … More Deciding on a theme

Colour and Fonts

Colours and fonts can change the feel of a website and can enhance how professional the general feel is. Typography is adapted for the format it is being used for, online there are several rules which should be followed to ensure that the site looks as professional and is as easy to read as possible. … More Colour and Fonts

Creating a Logo

One of the most essential items for any business is a logo, they are so key that in 2000 BP spent £136 million on its sunflower design logo (Shadbolt, 2015).[1] Logos can be made up of text or just images. Logos must be versatile, as they are used in a variety of different formats for … More Creating a Logo