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Importance of video marketing

Video marketing is essential in today’s modern world for any business, the importance of video marketing is highlighted that by 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic (Trimble, 2015). With YouTube having over 1 billion unique visitors every month, the platform is a perfect place to launch media campaigns and expose marketing (Trimble, 2015).

Videos are also the best medium for compatibility in different mediums, whereas text and images are reliant on space and other variables (Lessard, 2014). Moreover research has said that 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching good video content published by them, if a video is good then they will spend longer on your website and interacting with brand. Moreover if they love the video, shares will increase continuing the marketing with no additional input (Lessard, 2014).

Finally video marketing platforms such as YouTube allow an insight into audience engagement, how long viewers kept watching the video, how many shared the video or watched it again. This allows marketers to evaluate the success easier and replicate good marketing into the future (Insights, 2017).

Evaluation of others:

An extremely successful marketing campaign on YouTube was Nike’s Margot Vs Lily, a series of eight short videos in which two sisters make a bet with each other. Nike’s products are shown throughout the series and the storyline ensures that the viewers are engaged and watch all of the videos. Moreover engaged viewer’s means that the videos were shared thousands of times on social media. The series was used when Nike was still expanding, whereas now they use marketing campaigns which better connect with their current customers rather than trying to expand further.

‘Purina: Puppyhood’ was the second marketing campaign I investigated. The series of short videos didn’t feel like an advertisement but instead felt like a warm video about owning a puppy, as a result the video was shared among dog lovers and went viral very quickly. However subtly the videos suggest that puppy’s need special dog food. The videos were very successful with 250,000 likes and over 15 million views.

Application of knowledge to own channel:

When I start my video campaign on YouTube, it has to have a strong storyline to ensure that my viewers are engaged and want to show it to their friends and therefore get the videos shared. Furthermore I will keep each video short, with an ending which makes viewers want to keep watching rather than becoming bored which would have a negative impact on the marketing campaign. Finally the video has to be of a high quality especially as the products the business sell are based around photography and video making. The videos will also be posted on my other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and the website.

My video campaign featured a series of videos which showed frustrated photographers struggling with photographic equipment that wasn’t suited for them and their needs. Once these photographers had brought new equipment from Worcester Photographic, their photography improved suggesting to viewers that buying from us will improve their images as well.


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